All about Ready to Wall paper,

You pick your piece.

Workingbert designs unique wall-covering applications and creates with the Ready to Wall series an opportunity to make unique choices of wallpaper that make it possible to personalize already-designed wallpaper.
The Ready to Wall concept offers a different way to choose a wallpaper and its applications. Taken from design that is 10 meters in length, a portion of the wallpaper can be selected according to the length of the wall. The various wallpapers are designed so that shades, gradients, ‘quiet and ‘busy’ elements have been incorporated into a rugged but at the same time sophisticated signature that characterises Workingbert.
The different looks all have their own story and effect on space and its use. In this way, the context of the room where the Ready to Wall is applied can in an easier and unique way determine what is suitable.
In this manner anyone can make a unique choice. You pick your piece.

In addition, each wallpaper comes in various color variations to make the choice even more personal. All are digitally printed on Vinyl II with a paper backing. Panels are 124 cm wide but can be customised upon request. Standard hight is 330 cm, panels will be customised to the hight of the room.