You pick your piece.

Workingbert designs unique window-coverring applications for Textiles & More and creates with the Wall Curtain series an opportunity to make unique choices of curtains that make it possible to personalise already-designed fabrics.
The Wall Curtain concept offers a different way to choose curtains and their applications. Taken from a design that is 20 meters in length and 3 meters high a portion of the design can be selected according to the length of the window or wall. The various Wall Curtains are designed so that pleats play with the designs and emphasise the even greater tactility of the  printed surface. A great choice of fabrics to print on the designs is adding to a softness much needed in the white squared spaces we live and work in. 
The different designs all have their own story and effect on space and its use. In this way, the context of the room where the Wall Curtain is applied can in an easier and unique way determine what is suitable. In this manner, anyone can make a unique choice. You pick your piece.


Textiles & More

Textiles & More develops high-quality, innovative and qualitative curtain and furniture fabrics that are used in interior projects such as hotels, offices, healthcare institutions and private homes. In addition to woven fabrics, Textiles & More develops custom made designs by means of digital / transfer sublimation printing of various fabrics for both large and small projects. Through intensive collaboration with, and support in the design phase, from architects and interior designers, they jointly create innovative and distinctive designs.  

To see which specific fabrics are available and to order you can contact  Textiles and More or your retailer.